10 reasons why horses are better than boys!

1. Your horse will ALWAYS be there for you no matter what
2. Your horse will never leave you for a better offer
3. It is more fun to ride a horse….(lol)
4. You don’t need to worry how your hair or make up looks when you go see your horse
5.You can talk to your horse about anything without sounding stupid.
6. Your horse may knock a pole or break your arm but he would NEVER break your heart.
7. you can cry into your horse’s mane without having to say why
8. Your horse doesn’t need to spray himself with suffocating amounts of lynx after he’s been exercising
9. There are nowhere near as much things to worry about with horses as there is with boys- no worries about what to wear when you’re with him, what to say, how to act- he will love you no matter what you wear or say!
10. Your horse doesn’t show off his new rider to show you what you’re missing!